Builder Personal Sales Milestones

Posted by Michele Priest on May 15th 2024

Builder Personal Sales Milestones

Congratulations to these exceptional Builders who have reached a personal sales milestone in the first quarter of 2024. Each of these Builders is a leader and excels at building their network as well as sharing the Multipure products with people all around the country. They are known for their willingness to help others and their belief that by helping others we can all achieve more. What makes these Builders unique is that they primarily focus on face to face selling vs selling via social media, showing that there are so many ways to build your business and be successful. We thank each of these Builders for being our Multipure ambassadors and for making a real difference in their communities.

500 Club: Ahlem Mayes
500 Personal Sales

Ahlem has been a leader in California for many years. He shares the Multipure products at local community events, via networking groups and more. Ahlem has been a Spirit Award recipient, and even our 2022-2023 Builder of the Year. He is a generous person always willing to share his knowledge with others.

Millennium Award: 
Deanna Delong & David Feinauer

2000 Personal Sales

This incredible team has received numerous accolades including Builders of the Year and Sales Team of the Year. These Oregon Builders have built their business by participating in countless home shows and community events. They have built a strong reputation in their areas as water experts and are always available to answer people’s calls. Not only can they sell the system, but they also install and do filter changes! They even helped people install their Multipure’s via Zoom during the Covid lock down! There is nothing they can’t do!

Greg Jones Award: David Green
4000 Personal Sales

David is another super achiever. Like many others, in his early days as a Builder he participated in countless home shows and local events in his home state of MA, building up a strong customer base. David cultivates his customer base and from them has received many referrals. Always available to his customers, David has installed many systems as well as helped people with filter changes. David does utilize social media and has developed YouTube training on installing a system and changing a filter. He has a wonderful training video on doing the business on our website, which  we encourage you to view.